Birthday Tea Party

We celebrated Denali turning 9 with a fancy, girlie tea party.  My mom made the beautiful, over the top, cake.  The butlers (my dad and Lon) served traditional scones and finger sandwiches to the ladies.  The girls made personalized fairy wands for themselves.  There was a decadent dessert bar with teal colored candies, lemon French macaroons, and oreo cookie pops.  Denali is one very special girl.  I think she felt loved on her day.  Her most important friends and lots of family were there to celebrate with her.  And she of course got way too many gifts. 

The beautiful cake my mom made.

The Menu
English Tea
Teal Bubbly Berry Lemonade
Heart shaped scones, served with creme fresh, lemon curd, and apple butter
Mini bacon and cheese scones
Cucumber finger sandwiches
Curried chicken and pineapple finger sandwiches
Chipotle deviled eggs
Cheddar coins
Italian cream cake with lemon curd filling
Oreo truffle pops
Lemon French macaroons
Candy Bar
Cheddar coins, curry chicken finger sandwiches,
and mini bacon and cheddar scones.
Cucumber and carrot finger sandwiches.
Heart shaped scones
Chipotle deviled eggs
Our Charming Butler (my Dad)
Denali with her BFFs
Party Favors
Each girl took home a mini cake plate that I made from vintage china
They also took home a little box with tea.
Then there was sugar and lots of sugar!

Lemon French Macaroons

Oreo Truffle Pops

Everyone filled a bag with their favorite candy.

I usually like to plan a lot of themed games for my kids parties, but since this was a more “formal” party, we decided to do a craft and just enjoy our time together.  The girls made personalized wands.  I pre-painted all the wooden wands a nice teal and then provided the girls with glittery letter stickers, jewels, sparkly flowers and lots of ribbon to dangle down the wand.

Trying out their wands
And then there was the presents.  Denali is so blessed to have such generous friends and family in her life.  She does deserve this special day though, there isn’t and sweeter girl out their.  

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  1. Anonymous

    It was a great party. So beautifully put together and we all felt so spoiled. Anyone would be lucky to have you as their party planner!! – Heidi

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