The Grey Dining Room

So here’s the finished product.  Yesterday I posted “Before” pictures of my green dining room.   I think I picked the right grey.

I’m really happy with the color change.  The room feels modern even though it’s almost 100 years old.  It even makes me like my dining room table again.  I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to make Thanksgiving dinner, but now I want to because I have a beautiful room to host it in.

A Little Fall Decor

What do you think?  It’s a dark color, but I think it works.  I would love to hear your opinions.  Anyone love grey as much as I do?

11 thoughts on “The Grey Dining Room

  1. kristinc

    yep….makes the white and black accents pop! and defintely defines the space more! come to my house next!! any suggestions for kitchen cabinets…starting point? paint/stain?

  2. McConnels

    I love it – it does change the look of your table somehow. And I'd die to have a built in like yours.
    I would totally paint my kitchen gray, besides that one wall, except I haven't been successful painting my arch (we tried with the caulk method even)… so then I'd have to paint my family room gray too.
    Oh, and I really like those 3 vases with the wheat in them also.

  3. Jeran


    I LOVE painted kitchen cabinets. I've painted both my mom's and my brother's cabinets. My mom picked a dark charcoal grey (darker then my dining room), they turned out fantastic. She has white/cream countertops, so the contrast is beautiful. And my brother had oak cabinets and we painted them white. They look crisp, clean and classic. My suggestion is to have a good contrast to your countertops. Light cabinets with dark countertops and dark cabinets with light countertops. If you are interested in knowing how and what to paint your cabinets, please let me know. I would be willing to post a tutorial on what worked best for us.


  4. Jay and Milissa Ewing

    How about a tutorial on painting furniture? I want to paint the bottom part of my kitchen table black and re-stain the top. I also want to paint my girls' bunkbed white. It will be a pain because the head/foot board is full of intricately lathed rails and I know I will have to sand it first…..

  5. kristinc

    yes, tutorial please for kitchen cabinets!! it is one of those things that I know is not super hard, but nice to have a few tips- not that i will do it anytime soon b/c it is kind of one of those things- if you give a mouse a cookie he is going to want a….if i change my cabinets, i will want new countertops, then appliances, etc. 🙂 but…i can add to my wishlist!

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