Hello Kitty Birthday Party: Cake and Favors

What’s a party without favors and cake?  Making treat or favor bags is one of my favorite parts of planning a party.  I usually sew little bags for the kids with fabric that goes with the theme of the party. This year I did something I little different and they turned out pretty darn cute.  I bought take out boxes at a restaurant supply store and filled them with all things Hello Kitty.  Then I punched a whole in the top of the box and inserted a Hello Kitty pencil.  On the front I attached a sticker that will be available on Etsy as a downloadable file very soon.  
We served take out Chinese (Panda Express) for lunch.  I know Hello Kitty is Japanese, but Panda is Denali’s favorite food.   Chop sticks and fortune cookies added to the decor.
The favors added to the table decor.

And I’m a sucker for a theme cake.  My mom is a very talented cake decorator.  She made all of our birthday cake as kids and has done many fantastic wedding cakes.  So, since she was in town, I had her do the Hello Kitty cake.  It was a super easy one, and Wilton even has a pan for it.

Fluffy buttercream on a chocolate cake.
10 – really?  How can this be?
The treat table was loaded with pink and red.  We even found a Hello Kitty drink dispenser.  

My decorations are pretty simple.  I love the tissue paper pom poms.  We hung the all over and I made a couple little pink and red buntings with cute scrapbook paper.

Well, I’m sorry if you are sick of Hello Kitty, but I’m afraid there will be one more post about her.  I have just a few more things to share.  Thanks for reading friends.