Home Tour: The Dining Room

This room has hosted many meals, holiday dinners, and parties.  It’s an uncluttered space (accept when my sewing machine and projects are over it).  For the most part, it’s a low maintenance space that is practical and beautiful.  I know a lot of people think that a dining room in unnecessary if you have an eat-in kitchen, but because I love to entertain, I love having this space.

My favorite part of the room is of course the built in buffet/hutch that is original to the house.  Being Canadian, I was lucky to receive Bone China for wedding gifts.  I love using it.  So, having it out on display makes it’s easy for me to access it.  I store and display my wedding china and crystal in the side cabinets and the draws offer me a tone of linen storage.

When I host parties the buffet gives me a space to set out appetizers, drinks or even dessert.

This picture was taken in the fall, hence the pumpkins and wheat.

The room was a sage green for many years, but I recently painted it grey.

On the wall opposite the Hutch is are two huge windows.  They allow light to flood the room during the day. 

I love the archway between the living room and dining room.  On the opposite wall from the archway is the Kitchen.  The small black armoir in the corner of the room houses the family computer.

You can see more of our home here.

10 thoughts on “Home Tour: The Dining Room

  1. Jessica

    *Sigh* I do love your house – it just needs one more bedroom for when we all come to visit, especially with all the new kids that we've popped out 🙂

  2. Daniella

    You have done such a beautiful job on your home. I want to know where/how you store all your craft/sewing supplies. You are truly creative Jeran!

  3. Jeran

    Ha, Well it's hidden in various places. Some is in my pull-down desk in the living room, some in a plastic drawer thing in Dylan's closet, and all my fabric is in the cedar chest that serves as my coffee table. I WISH I had a room, closet, some sort of space just for crafting and sewing.

  4. Penny

    I'd like to know if your house looks like this (so picture perfect beautiful) all the time? If not, can we have a picture at the end of a busy day too and tips for how to keep it so lovely most of the time? If yes, then I'll just continue to admire from afar. 🙂

  5. Jeran

    Well it doesn't always look like this, but it's pretty close. My parents where super clean freaks and that definitely rubbed off on me. Clutter and dust does happen, but I can usually clean it up really quickly. I kind of live like someone might drop by at anytime, so I should be ready. Our beds are always made 🙂 I can't relax in my home if it's super messy (it's a problem).

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