Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Why the heck not?  I love chalkboard everything!  I’ve even painted it on rocks.  So, why not eggs?

I painted black chalkboard paint onto paper mache eggs that I bought at the craft store.  I’m sure this could be done on real eggs as well.  But, this way they can be used over and over.  My kids can decorate and re-decorate these eggs as many times as they want leading up to Easter.

The eggs sit in these Paper Nests that I made last year with shredded pages from vintage books.  The black and white are far from traditional Easter colors, but I think they are a fun graphic element.

Are you in love with chalkboard as much as I am?

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13 thoughts on “Chalkboard Easter Eggs

  1. Michelle DuPuis

    These are gorgeous…and I have a set of wooden eggs that would be great for this project! I’m doing an Easter link up today over on my blog… Would love it if you joined us!

  2. Anonymous

    Martha Stewart makes chalkboard paint in colors other than black! You can get it at Michael's craft store or

    It comes in light blue and light green, which are perfect for easter! It also comes in grey and black. 🙂 Or you could do black paint and use colored chalk on it. 🙂

  3. RaeSchuft

    This is brilliant! I'm traveling for easter and did not want to dye real eggs in a hotel room! I can paint these ahead of time and bring the chalk! Thank you!!!


    These are wonderful! We love them and want to feature them on our blog (with a link to your site, of course!). What a great idea! Thank you for the fun inspiration! Keep it coming –

    Liz and Lo


  5. bumbu pecel bali


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