Home Tour: The Kitchen

The most used room in the house is our kitchen by far.  This is where I spend the most hours in the day.

Yes, these are oranges from our tree in our backyard.  Gotta love living in Cali.

A couple years ago we renovated the kitchen.  You can read more about our renovation and how my Dad and brother Joash made this happen here.  It had the original 1920’s cabinets, sink, plumbing, and even stove when we bought the house.  When we renovated I knew I wanted to keep the built in table and benches.  So, we took out walls and the kitchen grew into the old laundry room area.  This gave me about 5 times more countertop space and about 10 times more storage.

We installed IKEA cabinets, bought new appliances, laid new bamboo flooring, put in avocado green glass tile, and had quartz countertops installed.  It is the best kitchen ever!  And yes, I do have two sinks.  It is really quite handy.

If you have more questions about this room, please leave me a comment. You can see more of our home here.

13 thoughts on “Home Tour: The Kitchen

  1. Anonymous

    How do you like the bamboo flooring. Would you get it again? Does it wear well??? Or would you go with something else?
    Love your kitchen.

  2. Jeran

    We love it. We actually got it at Costco. It was really economic and really doesn't scratch very much. It looks brand new and it's almost 3 year old. I would definitely buy it again.

  3. kristinc

    I want to put in new counter tops and paint or stain our cabinets. Having trouble deciding on choice of counter tops, do you like quartz? and…cabinets…well that is just a lot of work!

  4. Anonymous

    What make and pattern is the quartz countertop? It looks great, and would also suit my kitchen perfectly.

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