Metallic Triangle Desk

I shared that I was loving triangles last week.  And then I showed you the desk I found on the side of the road.  Well, I put the two together and came out with this.


The desk got a full makeover.  After some minor repairs, I painted the whole thing black and added a graphic triangle design to the top of the desk.  I painted triangles in metallic gold, silver, and bronze paint in a random pattern.  New brass brass hardware cleans up the look.  It’s going in Dylan’s Star Wars room.

Adding the triangles actually gave this very traditional desk a modern twist.  Dylan thinks it looks even a bit space like.  I’m glad he’s happy with it.  I think it’s going to fit well in his room and come in handy.    Here it is in his room, now to find a chair….

Tomorrow I’ll share my technique and what products I used.  Let me know what you think, is this something you would try?

10 thoughts on “Metallic Triangle Desk

  1. Kristina Gulino

    Okay, so you're kind of awesome. It looks FANTASTIC! I thought of you this weekend as I almost (just alllllmost) stuffed a ginormous side table into my little Jeep. I was picturing it as a sweet bar table for my hubby, but it was too heavy to lift (so sad). You are inspiring me to keep my eyes open for more good finds…we have people moving in and out constantly!

    Nook & Sea
    Nook & Sea

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