Spring Break – First Stop New York

Quickly before I totally crash, I wanted to share a few instagrams from the last 24 hours.  We are in NYC and lovin it.  But, I’m super tired.  We are running on 4 very interrupted hours of sleep on the plane.  Hope your weekend is off to a good start.
 My cute packing buddy
Of course on the morning we are to leave, Olivia wakes up with swollen shut eyes and has an eye infection.  Off to the doctor we go.
LA traffic was kind and we made it to LAX with time to spare.
At LAX the kids where excited to go, they wrote in their journals about the day.

My favorite shot of the day.  Posing with Lady Liberty.  It was bitterly cold!

Grandma, Papa, and the D’ in rainy Time Square.

Freezing on the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty.

One thought on “Spring Break – First Stop New York

  1. Kristina Gulino

    Aw how great!! You and your husband are adorable. I think it's so great to be able to take your kids to NY. I didn't go until I was 19 or 20, but it was so memorable. Be safe and hope you all get some rest soon!

    Nook & Sea

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