Thrifting Thursday: Ombre Owl

I’m starting a new weekly post here at Oleander and Palm.  It’s called Thrifting Thursday!  Every week I’ll share a thrifty find with you.  I seem to hit a thrift shop, garage sale, flea market, or antique mall at least once a week.  So, I’m sure I won’t have any trouble finding things to share.  People often ask me, “Where do you find this stuff for that price?”, so I’m going to try share my favorite spots and what to look for.

This first thrifty find is a pretty great one.  I gave him a total make over, and I’m very pleased with the results.  I found this handsome little owl at Salvation Army for $2.81.  He was cute as is, but I knew I wanted to add him to Denali’s owl collection (Denali and I have had a thing for owls for quite a few years now).  So, why not make him a pink ombre owl?

It was really easy to do.  I started by priming him, so that I would get better coverage with the pink.  Then I started at the bottom first and painted about 1 1/2″ up in Martha’s Pink Flamingo craft paint.  Then I added a little white paint to the pink, and painted another 1 1/2″.  I kept adding a little more white each time and ended up with 5 shades of pink.  I blended the lines between the colors each time so that there wasn’t a harsh line.  

13 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday: Ombre Owl

  1. Megan

    I always find cute figurines while thrifting but the colors never go with my home – I never thought to do this but it makes so much sense! I will definitely be thrifting with a new eye for home items from now on 🙂

    Great blog – following you now and look forward to more posts! Like you, I thrift/garage sale at least once per week so we have that in common 🙂

  2. tasha

    Hehe this is so weird but absolutely amazing! I would never have thought of doing something like that, it looks great x

  3. Tor

    I love this! I like repainting things, but I'd never have seen that owl and thought about that. Nicely done.

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