Thrifting Thursday: School Chair

I had to share this cute find.  I got this little metal and wood school chair at a garage sale recently.  I had walked to the store with Olivia to get some milk, and on the way back I spotting the sale.  I decided to walk by.  This chair caught my eye.  I got it for $3.  So, I carried it with one hand and pushed the stroller with the other about 7 blocks home.  I’m sure I was an interesting sight.

I really bought it with no purpose in mind.  I just thought it was too cute to pass up and especially at only $3.

Do ever buy things just because?  No reason or purpose in mind – just because it’s a dang good deal.

6 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday: School Chair

  1. two birds

    i buy things all the time just because. and i always find a use for it!! =) pretty strong mama pushing a stroller and carrying a chair!!

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