Grey and Yellow Bathroom Redo

So, here’s a look at my bathroom redo that I did a couple weeks ago.  I shared my grey and yellow inspiration and the laminate cabinet I painted.  I finally took our main bathroom for beige and dated to grey and modern. 
I took a big risk (well it’s not that big of a risk), but I painted all the bead board, chair rail and walls grey.  I feel like it gives the room a much more modern look and feel.   
I added new towels and a rug from Target.
And I found some great storage at Homegoods and a new mirror from Lowes.  
This is the paint color I used.

Take a look back at the old bathroom, and let me know if you like the improvements I’ve made.  

10 thoughts on “Grey and Yellow Bathroom Redo

  1. Kristina Gulino

    Wow, it turned out amazing!! Where did you get the storage bag from? I wish I could put something like that in our bathroom but it's literally the size of a camper trailer's, haha. Looks great!!

    Nook & Sea

  2. Anonymous

    GREAT job…it looks awesome!! love the gray & yellow.
    The yellow cabinet looks brand new!
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Anonymous

    The original bathroom was already nice, but the new colors are great. I love the pops of yellow against the grey. It's neutral with just the right amount of bright. Great job! Thank you for your posts, it is good motivation to get my little projects done!

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