Monthly Memory Verse: June

Ooops, this is just getting embarrassing how late I’m posting the Monthly Memory Verses.  Sorry friends, I’ve been behind a couple months now.  Summer is just so busy.

This is a bit of a long verse for little ones, but it’s a keeper.  A good reminder when you are in the middle of a really yucky time in your life.  God does have a plan, He is good.  We don’t always understand him, but then he wouldn’t be God.  I’m glad I serve a God that is much bigger then my understanding.  If I could figure him out, then he would just be another human.  The older I get, the more at peace I am with not fully understanding God and his ways.  That’s true faith, and I’m not there yet everyday.  Sure glad my God is patient as well. 🙂  Here’s June’s Memory Verse.

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