Squares in Pairs Baby Quilt

I’m sorry for the absence of posts.  I’ve been pretty busy with projects, sewing, and not to mention the first weeks of school and trying to figure out pick up and drop off schedules.

I finished my new niece’s baby quilt this week.  She is due to arrive in a few weeks.  I made her big brother’s quilt and helped out with his nursery.  I went totally girlie on this quilt.  They have painted the nursery a pale grey and have super cute white birch tree decals on the walls.  They also have some calico birds perched on the branches (and I made them a fun mobile, here it is).  I took the quilt colors from the bird colors and patterns.

I’m calling this quilt “Squares in Pairs”.  I took 4 pairs of fabrics and put them together in rows.  It’s a pretty eclectic and free quilt.  I gave it a couple simple borders and then backed the whole thing in a grey tree branch fabric that my sister in law picked out.

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