A New Front Door

If you follow my pinterest, you might have noticed me pinning entry doors lately, especially in the Craftsman and Arts and Crafts style.  My Shut the Front Door board has some really great looking doors.  Our little bungalow home, built in 1920,  has needed a new door since the day we bought it, that was over 9 years ago.  Our old door offers absolutely no privacy, hence the silly pull down shade.  It also is single paned glass so heat and cold both escape and enter our house, driving our electricity bill up.  To be super inconvenient, the door cannot lock from the outside either.  So, we could let guests in, but if we wanted to leave or enter the house, we had to always use the back door.  Even the lock set cannot be replaced because of the door’s vintage.  And really it’s just way too cottagey for me (that’s my new word).   So, it was time.  We had to bite the bullet, and look for a new door.  

I knew it was going to be super pricey.  Our door is really wide, like 42 inches wide.  Like special order wide – ouch!  I had looked a few years ago and the prices has frightened me away.  But, this time Lowes really came through.  The salesman was very knowledgable (amazing right?) and he really got a good price for me.  

We ordered this door through Escon Doors. To have the door stained and finished by them, it was going to add $500 to the price.  So, I’m going to do that part myself.  I think I’m going to stain it a dark, dark brown (not a yellowy oak brown, more on the ebony side).

the old door 

Sometimes home ownership just costs a lot of money.  I know this was expensive, but I think it’s really going to help our curb appeal and just be safer and more convenient for us.  Have you had to put money into your home recently on a necessity?  It’s hard right?  We just want to spend money on the “fun” things.

7 thoughts on “A New Front Door

  1. Anonymous

    I get it! After replacing the washer, repairing the fridge, and replacing some flooring I am ready to break the kids piggy bank so we can go have an adventure! Julia

    Love the door by the way.

  2. Raphaele

    I feel for you. In the last year we had to replace the boiler and the garage roof, now we also need a new front door and garden wall, whereas all we really want to do is redecorate the whole lot so we don't live in the sixties anymore 🙂

  3. Henrietta Salve

    That looks nice. I'm thinking of changing a few things in our home too, doors included. Everything in our house looks old and worn out. Yeah, I definitely need to make a few makeover.

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