Cowgirl and Indian Halloween Costumes

So, this obviously is from a few years ago.  Oh my gosh, those little guys were so dang cute.  This is 2007, and we were living in Sanaa, Yemen.  Believe it or not, the international school the we taught at actually had a dress-up day on Halloween.  It wasn’t called Halloween, but it was Halloween to us.

Denali’s outfit was all hers, not even a costume really.  She got the pink boots from her Grandma when she went to the rodeo in Idaho.  She wore them the whole time we lived in Yemen.  Our little blonde would march around the cobble stone streets in her pink boots.  The horse I bought for her at IKEA in Dubai (how exotic).

Dylan’s costume came all the way from Canada.  My mom found it, his moccasins, and the dream catcher in a thrift store.  Dylan was in preschool at the time and he loved his costume.  He stayed in character all day.  You can see him dancing.

And if you need a quick last minute costume idea, dress as a baker.  I made a simple chefs hat out of tissue paper and card stock, wore an apron, put some flour on my face and carried a bowl and whisk.

You can see more of our Halloween costumes by clicking the links below.

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  1. Arden

    I didn't know you lived in Yemen! I would love to hear more about it, I've been thinking about Yemen for a couple of years. I'm @Arden on Hellobee, drop me a wall message if you have a minute!

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