Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Halloween Costumes

I’m having so much fun going back through pictures from Halloweens past.  This was probably Dyl’s all time favorite costumes.  He was and still is a HUGE Star Wars fan.  You can see how much he loved his Light Saber.  
For Dylan’s Luke Skywalker costume I made him a simple lined tunic and a brown sash belt.  He wore his one brown pants and carried his Light Saber.  For Denali’s Princess Leia costume I made her two braided buns for her hair.  I simply braided really long lengths of brown yarn and the hot glue them into spiral cones.  Then we bobby pinned them to her own smaller buns.  I also made her a long, turtle neck dress with wide sleeves.  She wore sandals and one of my metallic belts.

 These Owl Pumpkins were probably the cutest pumpkins I’ve ever made.

I obviously have to have some influence on my kids costume choices if they are going to have costumes that go together.  But, every year I try to pick something they are really interested in.  I want them to be excited about their costumes.  Do you let your kids pick a character from their wildest dreams, do you give them very limited choices, or do you have 100% control over the selection? 
You can see more of our Halloween costumes by clicking the links below.

2 thoughts on “Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Halloween Costumes

  1. The Neemly

    This is so sweet – and brings me back memories, my brother and I went as Luke and Leia when we were kids too. My hair was actually somewhat long enough then to make proper buns, though I love how you've made hers with yarn! They look more authentic for sure. Super cute. 🙂

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