Modern Pumpkins

I’m trying to change it up a bit this year and infuse a little modern into my Fall decor.  I love the design trend of using geometric shapes.  So, I thought my pumpkins could sport some simple white triangles.  I think I’ve always leaned towards simple and clean design.  But, lately less is definitely more.  
This has been kind of rough couple months for our family.  In order to make ends meet, Lonnie has been working extra, teaching evening classes.  And on top of that, he is working on his Masters in Biology.  So, he is also at the University a lot.  Some days he leaves at 6:45am and doesn’t get home till 9:00pm.  He is exhausted, and I feel sorry for him having to work so hard.  But, it’s also kind of tiring for me too.  And we just miss having him around.  The kids get sick of me and want their dad.  We’re a team and around 7:00pm, I’m about done with single parenting.  If you are a single parent – my hat goes off to you.  I don’t know how you do it.  
I’m not sharing this to complain, I just want to be honest.  Life isn’t always exactly how you want it, sometimes you just have to chose joy and make the best of the situations.  I know this is just for a season, but sometimes in the middle of it, it’s hard to see the end.  
So, to help keep my sanity and have a little fun with my kids, last night we worked on painting these pumpkins.  Dylan really had the idea for the triangles. He wanted to do a pattern similar to his desk that I painted for him.  And for the little pumpkins, we wanted to make them look like they had been dipped in paint. 
We simply used blue painters tape and white craft paint to achieve these simple looks.
How do you deal with stress?  Or is life not as perfect as you’d like it to be?  

5 thoughts on “Modern Pumpkins

  1. Anonymous

    Jeran- I totally get it. I need to be out of the house as much as possible when Mark is gone, to keep my sanity. Bike rides, zoo,walks to rite aid, day trips, anything to break up the time at home alone. Love this craft idea too as I can't carve a pumpkin!Julia

  2. Julia

    I just discovered your blog (great pumpkins, by the way) and can totally relate with husband working long hours. My husband travels a good bit, we live a long way from family. its just plain old hard! and knowing how to deal with it and not complain is hard too!

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