Olivia’s Scooter Birthday Party

We celebrated Olivia’s 1st Birthday on Saturday.  I think the Scooter Themed Party was a success.  I definitely enjoyed myself.  We were so blessed to have lots of family in town and lots of great friends.  Olivia was very serious, but just took in all the action.  There are lots of pictures so I’ll probably share these over the next two days.  But, to start, here’s the dessert table.
We set up Lonnie’s scooter outside with balloons on it.
All three of my cute kiddos.
She is really enjoying her new pink scooter.
I had so much fun putting this party together.  Olivia is such a blessing and even though she won’t remember this day, she can look back at the pictures and see how much she was loved.  
My mom was here for the party, so that meant that I didn’t have to do the cake.  She is amazing!  The cake was absolutely adorable and very yummy as well.
Olivia definitely enjoyed her cake.  Come back tomorrow and I’ll share more of the details and treats from the party.

And a special thanks to my sister in law, Lidy (Hello Lidy), for taking some of these pictures during the party.  What I relief to hand that responsibility over to capable hands.  It’s hard to throw a party and capture all the moments at the same time.  Thanks so much.

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  1. Anonymous

    So adorable….bummed to miss out, especially like her eating the cake! Thats great! Great job as usual Jer….GMA M

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