Chalk Board Gift Tags

I obviously can’t get enough of chalkboard paint.  I’ve painted eggsrocks, and walls with chalkboard paint. And this weekend I made these chalkboard gift tags.  I’ve decided I must love chalkboard because I’m a teacher and I miss having a classroom.  Or maybe I’m drawn to graphic and high contrast images.  That white on black does pop.

I wrote on these with a chalkboard paint pen to get the nice crisp lines.  I have plans to tie them to my Christmas gifts this year, and we’ll be able to use them year after year.  I also think they would look cute as ornaments on a Christmas tree.  And why not use them as napkin rings and write everyone’s name on them.

I even tied one around my Birch Wood Candle Holders with a nice little Thanksgiving message. My Fall decor this year is pretty minimal. Here’s a peak at my dining room. I have my candles on my Ikat Tray and on the buffet I filled some silver vases with dried wheat (that decorated with last year), and hung my little Fall Acorn Garland in front of the mirror.

I picked up the rectangle shaped wood pieces at Michaels.  They were in the wood section and cost only 29c each.  I also found the round wooden pieces at Michaels too, but they were in a package of 5 for about $3 and I had to drill the hole in them.  I painted them with one coat of chalkboard paint on each side and then tied some natural twine through them.

As you can see, I’m starting to get ready for Christmas. But, I just can’t post a “Christmas” post until after Thanksgiving. Is that weird? I just kind of think after Halloween, Thanksgiving is forgotten and people move on to Christmas a little too early. Believe me, I’m excited for Christmas, but let’s just have our turkey and pumpkin pie first. What are your thoughts?

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