Window Painting

I’ve kind have been fascinated with window painting.  I love when shops do a really great job with it.  Not the wild neon SALE signs, like actual art.  I have had plans to paint a wintery scene on my front window come Christmas time.  But, I thought I’d give it a test run for Thanksgiving.

One of my favorite blogs to read Wit and Whistle, posted about her DIY window art.  It was so absolutely lovely.  She used a chalk pen and traced her image and had fantastic results.

I decided I wanted to use a paint brush, so I bought a glass marker, pulled off the applicator top and just dipped a little brush in the paint.  I kept my first attempt very simple, so I just free hand painted on my lettering and leaves.  It was really easy and I’m excited to try something more elaborate for Christmas now.

Olivia was not impressed that I was outside without her.  She would much rather be outside most of the time. You can see her little face in the window.

We are heading to LA this afternoon.  We got a Hotel room for the night, so I think we’ll walk around Santa Monica tonight.  I need a West Elm fix.  We fly out to Idaho in the morning.  We get to spend Thanksgiving with Lonnie’s family, we are really excited.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful for all my faithful readers.