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Grey Nightstand

Remember the nightstand I bought at Salvation Army?  Well, I finally made sometime this week to work on it. With a little sanding and some fresh paint, this thrifty find is now one of my favorite pieces of furniture.
Because this little dresser had an icky laminate top, I used my How to Paint Laminate Furniture method, and it came out beautifully.  I will share more of my how-to and the products I used tomorrow. 
I moved it into my bedroom last night.  I had fun this morning putting out some of my favorite nick nacks.  The little bronze owl is from my youngest brother, Joash, he brought it back from India for me.  I haven’t seen him in a long time and I miss him, so I keep it close to me.  The butterfly and beetle are from Papua New Guinea, that’s where I grew up.  And the basket is from Sri Lanka, my parents moved their after the tsunami and did relief work.  

So, what do you really think?  Too much grey?  I know, I’m kind of addicted to the color.  I don’t think you’d ever know I paid $22 for this bad boy now.  I love that!  People pay $300+ for nice nightstands and I’m sure it’s nice to just buy new furniture, but I’m pretty proud of my bargain.  My house is full of hand-me-downs, fixer-uppers, and thrift store finds.  It’s one of a kind, no one else has one just like it, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “Grey Nightstand

  1. Anonymous

    Looks great, Jeran! The hardware is dreamy. And all of your grays look very nice. I'm slowing going all gray too. Ha!
    Hope you had a great time visiting your Mama. _-Gracie

  2. heela

    I just bought the same duvet from west elm! I've had my eye on it forever and then I noticed it went on sale, and I had giftcards!! My husband is unsure of my obsession with duvet sets…but I just love them so much!! I like the grey colors in this room. That duvet pattern goes with everything 🙂 good choice

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