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Winter Window Painting

This week I painted a winter scene on the front windows of my house.  I had so much fun painting on them for Thanksgiving.  And I was excited to try my hand at a little more window painting.  

I kind of went a little crazy and should have probably kept it simple like I did with the “Give Thanks”.  But, my kids were really excited about it.  The winter village is definitely my favorite part.

I hope you are enjoying working on the last minute preparations for Christmas.  I hope you aren’t having to brave the malls and that all your gift buying is done.  I’m done!  And it’s a relief to have that part of Christmas finished.  I’m enjoying time with my family, as crazy as it is with 7 kiddos, 5 of which are under the age of 3.    

3 thoughts on “Winter Window Painting

  1. Alixandra Lewis Adams

    I feel the same way about my blog being this total learning and growing experience. I was shocked at the end of the year to see my most popular post was about breastfeeding :). I do adore your blog…so excited to meet you in 20 days!

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