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Wrapping Paper Placemats

I recently helped my mom decorate 3 themed tables for a Christmas banquet.   My favorite one was the wintery woodland themed table.   In order to add some depth and interest to this table, I decided placemats were needed.  But, on a small budget, I needed to find something reasonably priced.  So, wrapping paper did the trick.  I found this great woodgrain wrapping paper at Target.

I simply cut 12″ x 18″ rectangles of the paper (this was easy because the back of this paper has been marked off in 1″ squares).  Then to make them look a little more finished, I rounded the corners.  I have this nifty Martha Stewart corner cutter, but this could easily be done with scissors as well.

With so many fantastic choices of wrapping paper, these placemats could be made for any party.  Can’t you see this being fun for a themed birthday party or just a family dinner that you want to feel festive or special?  To make placemats for a table of 8, I used a yard and a half of wrapping paper.  I’m sure that cost less then a dollar.

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10 thoughts on “Wrapping Paper Placemats

  1. Tiffani Martin

    Great Idea, thinking about doing this for my wedding, need some more color at the table since I have clear plates. Did you find that the wrapping paper rolled up on you?

    1. Jeran Post author

      What a great idea for a wedding. No, I didn't have trouble with that. And if you precut all of them beforehand and maybe weighed them down with some books for a couple days, that could help as well.

    2. Devisetty Manojna

      Stick the wrapping paper with mod podge to old placemats …. that should do the trick. And try to give a acrylic sealant spray so it becomes a lil waterproof and good enough to stand a spill at a toddlers table

  2. khairek

    maybe poster board or cardboard backing would keep them from rolling.
    I am also thinking if you used Modge Podge Matte, you could preserve them for a few uses?

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