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Giant Geometric Wall Heart

I’m lovin pink for Valentine’s Day this year.  Last year I went with a vintage look with classic red and gold. But this year, pink feels soft, light, and fresh. And it looks so great with grey and a little splash of gold.  

Oh yes, I’m still on my triangles kick. I am loving this triangle patchwork heart.  The idea came from a quilt square.  Please be warned, you’re going to see it a lot in this year’s Valentine’s treats.  I decided to go BIG with my decorations this year, so I covered a whole wall of my dining room with this giant, geometric heart.  Why not, right? 
It was simple and inexpensive (that’s really all that I do).  You will need 10 sheets of scrapbook paper (to make 20 triangles).  I used 4 light pink, 3 dark pink and 3 metallic gold ones.  You’ll also need scissor or paper cutter and glue dots (I tried double stick tape, but it didn’t hold well).   Simply cut your scrapbook paper in half diagonally, then play around with a design and pattern that you like.  Then stick them to your wall.  I started by marking one straight line with a level and chalk.  It gave me a guide to start with and kept everything straight.    
And if you don’t have space for something this big, I have a mini framed version here

Just for fun, I made a little video of me putting up the heart.  I was in the mood to try something new.  
And this catchy little jingle is Blew My Mind by Dresses.

I know Valentine’s Day is still about a month away, but I’ve got a busy week ahead of me and I thought I’d get a head start.  Plus, with all these football posts I’ve been putting together lately, I needed a girlie fix.  I think this giant pink heart might have done the trick.  

26 thoughts on “Giant Geometric Wall Heart

  1. Leslie

    Your video was fun and the graphic heart is fresh and different from other ideas I've seen floating around on Pinterest and blogs (although the fact that it was inspired by something old – quilt pattern – is really neat). I'm following some of your boards on Pinterest now after finding you while blog-hopping and "Pinterest'ing" last night. 😉 I think your blog is a fun place to visit!

    1. Jeran Post author

      Yes, I would say that is my pattern. Thanks for heads up. Some folks have no conscience when it comes to stealing other peoples good ideas.

  2. Kimberly Hughes

    What a great DIY – it looks stunning against that grey wall! I may be including this in a roundup of the geometrics trend but obviously will give you full credit! Great job 🙂 Oh and your video is adorable!! xxx

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