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Orange Rosemary Salt Scrub

I’m hearing a lot of talk of snow, it’s definitely not here though.  We are having a very mild Winter, whom am I kidding, it’s always a mild winter here.  It might not be very cold but we definitely have dry Winter air. I’m feeling and seeing the effects of the dry air on my skin.  I often look at my hands and am embarrassed by how old they look. I’ve got my Grandma’s hands, like her hands when she was in her 80’s.  A couple years ago I made a Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub.  I kept a jar of it by my kitchen sink and when I’d remember, I’d scrub my hands with it.  It worked really well to exfoliate and moisturize my skin.  So, I thought I’m try a salt scrub. I am loving this combination of crisp citrus with woodsy rosemary.  It’s refreshing and energizing and after using it just twice, my hands and looking and feeling so much better.

I searched the web looking for salt and sugar scrub recipes, and most require essential oils.  I really didn’t want to have to buy a $5 bottle of orange essential oil.  The whole point of making my own scrub is to save a little money.  Yes, I could easily go out and buy a $12 or even $20 jar of scrub.  But, my little recipe fills a whole jar and it cost me less then $1. And I love that it came from my garden and pantry and it has nothing artificial or fake in it.

Orange Rosemary Salt Scrub
1 cup salt
zest of one orange
1tsp. rosemary leaves taken off the stem
1/3 cup olive oil

In a food processor, place the orange zest, rosemary and salt.  Pulse a couple times until the rosemary is copped finely.  Pour in the olive oil and pulse a couple times more.  Store in a jar or airtight container.  To use the scrub, wet your hands or entire body with warm water, then in gentle circular motions rub the salt scrub.  Rinse completely with warm water.  Pat skin dry.

I’m storing my scrub in my new Weck jar.  My kids got me a set of 6 canning jars for Christmas (with their dad’s help of course).  They’ll be great for jam making in the summer.

So, are you enjoying Winter or are you already longing for warmer weather?

13 thoughts on “Orange Rosemary Salt Scrub

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds great! would be making it tomorrow. Love the idea of using things from the pantry.
    I wanted to ask you how many times do you scrub your hands with it?

  2. Anonymous

    It is really amazing, I made it for my mum in 3 seconds!
    Also, lemon works really well if you dont have any oranges

    1. Jeran Post author

      Well, I made this in January and it's still sitting by my kitchen sink, where I use it. I think it's good for a long time.

  3. Anonymous

    Did you start with rock salt, kosher salt or table salt to make the orange rosemary scrub? Does it matter what kind of salt?

    1. Jeran Post author

      Any table salt or kosher salt would be fine. Rock salt would be too rough for your skin I think. I just used inexpensive table salt.

  4. Anonymous

    I used to put a bunch of mint in my hot water bath. But I am going to try pulsing rosemary leaves and the zest of an orange or lemon and then mixing all this with Epsom salts – for the bath. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Anonymous

    I was just given several bunches of dried Rosemary, I stripped the stems and put into jars. Do I need fresh or will dried work for the scrub?

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