Green and Gold Geometric Pillow

To keep with my love of triangles and geometric patterns, I decided I would make a fun green and gold pillow. I had so much fun with my giant geometric heart, that I’m working on lots of fun green geometric ideas for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring.  While my love of the color pink is new, green has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember.  
I chose 3 green cotton fabric and a metallic gold for the triangles. I knew I wanted to add a splash of metallic gold, but this fun, fabulous, shiny, slick gold fabric is very synthetic and very difficult to work with. For the design, I wanted it to be very random so I just cut out a lot of triangle and played with their placement for quite a while.  I cut 5″ squares and then cut those squares in half diagonally. To piece this mini quilt pattern, I sewed the triangles together to make squares first, then I sewed the squares together in rows, and finally sewed the rows together to make a 20″ square for the pillow.  I backed the pillow in the darkest green fabric and put in an invisible zipper in the bottom seam of the pillow.
I am going to be totally honest with you though. This pillow just about kicked my butt. I started this pillow Sunday evening thinking it would a fun little project that would take an hour or two of my time. But, after fighting this fantastic gold fabric for hours, I managed to accidentally touch a hot iron to one of the middle triangles and it instantly melted it. So, I had to unpick way too many squares and then replace the melted piece and sew it back together again.  So, IF I attempt this again, I will be on the hunt for better gold fabric to work with.  

Do you ever get yourself into a sewing project that you think will be a breeze and then hours later your unpicking your mess and wanting to cuss?  If you have, I feel your pain. But if your stubborn like me, you won’t let that project beat you.

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  1. Serena @ Sewgiving

    Just saw your cushion on Pinterest and had to come and take a look. It's fantastic and yes, I'm just as stubborn with projects … I don't like to be beaten either 🙂

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