this week

This week…… Well, it was definitely been a full one.  Here’s a few of my instagrams from the week.  This week was jam packed with activities and a whole lot of LOVE. Somewhere in the middle of the week’s craziness, I began questioning my sanity.  But, I made it through. 
I made a lot of heart shaped meals and treats and had a little Valentine’s party with close friends.  We had lots of cousin love and Olivia couldn’t be happier.  She can’t get enough of her cousins, well no of us can. They are the sweetest.  And I was a super lucky girl and got showered with lovely Valentine’s Day gifts from my hubby and had a wonderful night out with him last night.  
I hope you all had a great week and that you felt loved.  I’ve been getting Riley ready today, we’re going camping tomorrow!  I can’t wait.  We need some peace and quite that only time outdoors can bring.  With Lonnie working so much, our family needs a good old camping trip.  I’ll take pictures and share our adventures with you next week.
Enjoy your weekend with the ones you love.

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  1. Jeran Post author

    Danae, you totally need a vintage trailer. My husband wasn't sure at first either. He thought it was way too "soft" of us to get a trailer. He wanted us to stay hardcore, sleeping on the ground without a mat. But, it's a different kind of camping, and it's totally just as much fun.

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