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Toddler and Tween Shared Room Art

I’ve shared with you that I am attempting to give my girl’s room a little make-over.  Not a floor to ceiling re-do, but more of a freshen-up and just add some details to complete the space.  I want both my toddler and my tween to feel like this is their space.  This week, I got the art prints that I ordered from The Land of Nod.  I am beyond excited.  I think they are going to add that modern edge I wanted for the space. When I saw my before pictures, I realized how bare that one big wall over the bed was.

I’m working on putting the art pieces together now to hang on that wall.  I’m pairing my vintage horse prints from my Grandma’s house, with a beautiful batik I bought in Sri Lanka and the new prints for The Land of Nod.  It may seem like a crazy combination of styles, but so far it’s working for me.  I like the art that hangs in my home to have some meaning and sentimental value, and having a piece of my Grandparent’s home and something significant from our family travels is important.
I think taking the risk in combining these very different styles is what gives a space personality and a little funk.

The Amethyst print(my personal favorite of the prints I ordered) plays really nicely with the Sri Lankan batik.  I love the vibrant colors in both and the organic shapes of the batik and the angular shapes of the Amethyst compliment each other.  

This Flamingos print is modern and playful and the colors in it go so well with other accessories in the room.

I’ve got the prints all in their frames, and I’ve laid them out on the floor to work on arranging them in a grouping.  I’m not sure if the vintage horse prints should be together or if I should separate them in the grouping.  I’m leaning towards this first arrangement.  What do you think? Also I think a picture rail could also be a good option for hanging this artwork. 

I ordered frames to go with my Land of Nod prints.  I’m really pleased with both the prints and the frames from The Nod Institute of Art collection.  Both the frames and the prints (which are currently 20% off right now) are reasonably priced and I feel like I’m buying something unique that my daughters can keep and maybe even pass down to their girls someday, because all of their prints are limited edition.  The Fur and Glasses print is pretty great, and it’s tween approved, because Denali LOVES it.

I’d love to know what you think. Do you like this grouping? What is and isn’t working for you? Do I need another piece over by the Flamingos?

I big thanks to The Land of Nod for gifting the Fur and Glasses and the Flamingo prints.

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    1. Jeran Post author

      Yay! I wasn't sure if I should put something else over with the Flamingos so it wouldn't be lonely. Glad to hear that it's good where it is.

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