Washcloth Bunnies

Today I’m sharing these cute washcloth bunnies over at Minted‘s blog Julep.  Julep is a great resource for all things party and home decor.  I’m attaching very cute customized Easter gift tags to these little guys this year.  I hope you’ll head over to Julep for the full how-to instructions.  
And this is your LAST reminder to enter the Minted giveaway I’m hosting.  Visit this post for the details, but wouldn’t you love to have $150 to spend at Minted? 

2 thoughts on “Washcloth Bunnies

  1. Anonymous

    I saw this same post from you a year ago maybe on craft gawker I think. Still cute and you have also been doing a lot of promoting brands on your blog it feels a bit commercial lately,


    1. Jeran Post author

      I am sorry you feel that way Deanne. I do make these bunnies every year for my kiddos. My mom used to make them for us. And honestly, I really only share brands that I truly love and use myself. I'm pushing the giveaway, but there is not benefit to me besides the fact that one of my faithful readers will get a great treat for Minted. I work really hard to bring original content that's personal to me here. I hope you still keep coming back. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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