Opposites Attract – His and Hers Nightstands

Yesterday I shared my thrifted dresser makeover. Today I’m sharing how the finished piece looks in our bedroom (I need to update the home tour pictures now). I ended up painting the new nightstand the opposite of the other one in our room.

The truth is Lonnie and I are really opposites. If you know us in real life, you would agree. I am a total extrovert and Lon is an introvert. I am the emotional roller coster and he is the straight, steady and stable rock I need. He truly is a person who is intrinsically motivated, I really don’t know anyone else like him. But, we do have a lot in common and have very similar interests. We are both adventurous and like to take risks and we have similar senses of humor, but our personalities couldn’t be more different. And yes, I do most of the talking, but Lon wouldn’t be a good listener if he didn’t have anyone to listen to. So, these nightstand are really symbolic pieces of furniture. They have things in common and are really quite similar when you break down the parts, but they also stand alone as unique pieces with their own personalities. Ha, that was fun (and kind of corny).

I didn’t need to shop for any new accessories for styling the top of his nightstand, we have plenty of those from our world adventures. I bought these antique spice jars in Yemen, when we lived there. They probably originally came from India, but through trading, have ended up in the Middle East.  The framed insect is from Papua New Guinea (where I grew up and we lived when we were first married) and the little elephant is from Sri Lanka (where my parents lived and we visited).

When I got new bedding (from West Elm, no longer available), some of my living room pillows made their way to my bedroom.  I made the Deer Pillow and the one with the quote, and the graphic one was a Target clearance purchase.

So, there it is, two thrifted nightstands, now with their own personalities.

7 thoughts on “Opposites Attract – His and Hers Nightstands

    1. Jeran Post author

      Thanks Lauren. It's fun to decorate with things you already own. Doesn't cost a penny, but it feels like new space!

    1. Jeran Post author

      Very true. Well no baby monitor needed when you own a tiny, wood floor house – the sound travels very well. And cell phones are charged elsewhere.

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