This Week

This week… well it was a doozy.  The weekend was fabulous with lots of celebrations. We celebrated my baby brother’s 25th birthday (who also finished painting my garage), Lonnie’s birthday, Mother’s day and a I hosted fun baby shower.  Then came Monday morning – I got rear ended at a red light!  Boo, Mondays do stink.  But, I’ve pushed through this week and actually ended it on a pretty productive note.  I’m refinishing a small dresser for Lonnie’s bedside table and I’m also repainting Olivia little play kitchen.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I’m looking forward to getting a lot accomplished.
Olivia // My freshly painted garage
Honeyed Apricot Marshmallows // Lonnie with his birthday cinnamon rolls
Thrifting Thursday Finds // A last minute baby shower gift
Me enjoying a post-baby shower iced coffee // A sneak peek at the thrift store dresser I’m refinishing

If you follow my instagram, these pictures may look familiar to you.  But here’s a little instagram taste of my week.

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