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Thrifting Thursday – Pyrex Pitcher and a Ceramic Bowl

It’s been way too long since I hit a thrift store.  I love thrifting, but for the past few months I’ve restrained myself because I really needed absolutely nothing at all.  But, on Monday, I couldn’t stand it any longer.  What if there was some really great treasure out there that I was missing out on?  So, Olivia and I headed to our local Salvation Army.  
My first attempt to get there was foiled.  While stopped at a red light, we were rear-ended my a big full-sized truck.  My little Toyota Matrix got hurt pretty badly.  Olivia cried, I think mostly because she was scarred, and I ended up with a fat lip and some sore muscles.  I am pretty bummed with the whole situation.  I love our little Matrix and it’s totally paid for.  Now I am just waiting for the police report (which takes over a week) and then we can see what the insurance company wants to do.  
But, I didn’t let this stop me.  The next day I headed to the thrift store in our truck (I’m so grateful we have 2 cars, we didn’t for the first 13 yrs. of marriage).  And I came home with this cute Pyrex Pitcher for $3.84 and this beautiful hand made bowl for the same price.  Did I really NEED these items?  No, but I think this was a pretty harmless $8 to spend.  And I know I’ll use both, and probably often. 

4 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday – Pyrex Pitcher and a Ceramic Bowl

  1. Julia Fain

    oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! glad you are okay. I do love the pitcher, I've been hunting for something to serve tea in this summer. great finds!

    1. Jeran Post author

      Thanks Julia, I'm glad we are ok as well. Definitely and scary thing, and it could have been worse. I'll keep my eyes open for another pitcher 🙂

    1. Jeran Post author

      Thanks, I sure it will all work out for the best. I'm just trying to keep positive and hope for the best – that's all I can do.

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