DIY Geometric Bead Necklace

I just made a super easy, kind of a kiddy project, craft today!  And I love it.  These little chunky geometric necklaces are going to be one of my favorite new accessories.  Pair these with a t-shirt and my favorite jeans, and I’m good to go!

I’m heading to NYC on Wednesday! Yes, I am beyond excited, overwhelmed and so grateful.  I was invited to attend BHG‘s Style Maker’s Workshop.  It really should be the least of my worries, but I’m a little panicked about what to wear. I’m just a dorky, stay-at-home mom.  I need to look stylish with what I already own and maybe a couple DIY accessories. So I whipped up a these necklaces for just a couple bucks (each one cost under $2.50). And I’m totally going to wear one in the Big Apple. I’m a crafty, DIY blogger, so this seem like appropriate attire, right?

Each necklace needs just 5 beads (which I found via Kelly of Studio DIY) and about 1 yard of leather cord.  I bought beads in both natural and dark stained wood and then I painted a couple random ones with acrylic craft paint.  I love the pop of neon pink. 

I simply cut the leather cord to to the length I wanted and then double knotted it.  I actually used a pair of pliers to pull the knot really tight, so that it wouldn’t slip.

Denali wants a couple of these.  This weekend I’ll let her paint some beads her favorite colors. What do you have planned for this weekend? Any projects in the works? I’m going to try to execute a new creative business card to hand out at the BHG event. When I attended Alt in SLC I made fun lavender sachet business cards, I’m not sure if my new idea is that good, but I’m going to try.

4 thoughts on “DIY Geometric Bead Necklace

    1. Jeran Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Kelly. The dark ones are my favorite, but it's fun to add a tiny splash of color with the painted ones here and there.

  1. Jeena Nolan

    Amazing tutorial! I like the tips and suggestions for making DIY jewelry. The idea is quite innovative and the steps you have mentioned are quite simple. I also love to do mix and match my jewelry pieces. Sometimes, I love to do experiments with beats and clay. I am definitely going to employ this idea and I hope the outcome will be quite stylish and novel.

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