Olivia’s Fox Themed 2nd Birthday Party

One party down, lots more to go, this is birthday party season for our family.  With cousins and siblings and grandparents and auties, we have lots of birthdays to celebrate in the next couple of months.  I’m throwing lots of parties and figuring out gifts for everyone.  And to help keep the cost of everything down, I’m ordering cheap greeting cards, making lots of DIY party decorations, favors and treats. How do save money and keep the cost of birthday celebrations down? 
I’m really excited to share Olivia’s 2nd birthday party with you.  We celebrated this last week with an evening party with friends and party.  I’m so pleased with how my fox theme came together. I think my months of hunting down cute navy, peach and foxy details really paid off. 

Over the next week, I will be sharing how I put together the details of the party.  I made simple buntings with my Cricut cutter, hung peach tissue balls and made a super cute fox pinata (probably one of my favorite details of the party).

I love putting together a dessert table. The cake is of course the focus, but a birthday party is a great excuse to make all your favorite treats. I served triangle sugar cookies, peachy colored chocolate covered oreo truffles, fabulous fox cookies (made mostly by my amazing mom, I just assisted), pumpkin spice shortbread foxes (recipe coming soon), and Navy Blue Sixlets, York Peppermint Pieces, and Pumpkin Spices Kisses.
I filled fabric treat bags with fun foxy finds and stamped name tags to match the invites I made.  It was a busy night with lots of little kiddos and family and friends. Olivia had a great party and was definitely loved on. She LOVED all her foxy treats and was actually very sad that we broke the pinata and cut her fox cake.  
This actually turned out to be not be a very girlie party.  I really think this party and color palette would be great for a little boy or little girl.  What do you think? Are you a fox fan? 

8 thoughts on “Olivia’s Fox Themed 2nd Birthday Party

  1. Anonymous

    Cute party, Jeran! I love the cake and your fox piñata made from a star was so clever. Looks like Olivia loved her party. 🙂 -Rebecca Street

    1. Jeran Post author

      Thanks Rebecca, the pinata turned out to be a bit of a stresser for Liv though. She loved it so much, and when everyone started hitting it, she got really sad. Now she's scared when we talk about it. Pinata's are not the best idea for 2 year olds.

    2. Susan G.

      my daughter had the same reaction with her dolphin pinata..and she was 5!! We cut a hole in it and hung ribbons and made it a "pull the ribbon" pinata instead (google it, it's way easy to DIY and turn a regular pinata into a pull string pinata). It worked great, all the kids loved it, and "bubbles" is still hanging up in her room waiting to be used again next year! (And no scary kids with blindfolds and bats!)

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