DIY Dip Dye Napkins

Happy Halloween friends. I hope your day is full of yummy treats and fun with your kids.

Ok, I’ve had the supplies and the idea to make these dip dye napkins for months now. I knew I wanted a black set of these for Halloween, so I waited till the VERY last minute to make these. Last night, very late last night, I decided that I just needed to do this. I am crazy, I know. But, making and doing is just so much fun sometimes.

I made a set of six in about 1 hour.  I dyed them 3 at a time to save myself some time. Following the instructions of the RIT powder dye box, I dyed my 100% cotton napkins using the stove top method.  I bought a set of six cream/white napkins at Homegoods for $7.99 and made sure to pre-wash them.  Then used a dowel and some clothes pins, I wrapped 3 napkins half way around.  Then I just sat the dowel on the edges of the pot, making sure that just less then half of the napkin was submerged in the simmering dye.

Don’t mind the terrible iphone pics, and notice that it was 10:29pm when I started this process.

To get this nice dark grey (almost black), I let the fabric sit in the dye for 25 mins. The I very carefully rinsed the dyed end of the napkin under running water, not allowing the it to touch the white side of the napkin. To complete the process, I washed them in the washing machine on a cold cycle.

We’ll use them more next year. I was just planning ahead for next Halloween 🙂

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