Southwest Inspired Pumpkins

I’ve had in my mind for weeks that I wanted to paint some SW inspired pumpkins for this Halloween.  Last year I painted simple modern pumpkins with triangles (of course).  I’m still in love with all thing geometric and tribal, so why not trendy pumpkins? I think I’ll even leave these black and white beauties out after Halloween is over. I think they’ll be fun for Thanksgiving as well.

This year I used foam pumpkins so that all my hard work would last. And since I wanted them black and white, I decided the fakes would be just fine. I started by spray painting the largest pumpkin black and the smaller ones white.

Then I cut vinyl stencils out with my Cricut, but this could easily be done with an x-acto knife as well.  I attached the stencils to the pumpkins, making sure to the press the edges down firmly to get a good seal. And then I covered the rest of the pumpkin with plastic wrap held down with masking tape (like this). Finally, I sprayed a light layer of the contrasting paint color. 
To be totally honest the seal was not perfect and a little paint got under the stencils. So, I just took a tiny brush and did a little touch up along the edges. If you look closely you might see what I’m talking about, but sitting on my mantel, I don’t notice the imperfections at all. I’m not sure how you get a perfect seal on a round, bumpy surface.  If you know, please share.
Can you think of any other current trends that would look great on a pumpkin? I’m keeping my Halloween decor mostly black and white this year. It’s kind fun to change things up from year to year.  Do you have a color palette for Halloween other then the classic orange and black? 

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