A Winter Trip to McCall

We just spent the weekend in McCall, Idaho with Lon’s family.  What a beautiful time spent mostly outdoors.  Lon and I went to College in Idaho, so visiting McCall takes us back to our younger years.  There was plenty of snow for lots of sledding and hikes.  And we stayed right on the Lake and enjoyed beautiful views.
If you follow my Instagram, I’m sorry for all the repeats.  I took these pictures on both my iphone and my pentax.  
It was fun for my Cali kids to have so much time out in the snow. All three of them loved being outside and didn’t complain about being cold.  Olivia actually cried when we’d bring her inside.  It’s just good for your soul to be outside.  I had a lot of fun walking and taking pictures.  
I’m getting excited for the new year.  I’m making plans and dreaming about the future.  I’ll be sharing some of my goals with you very soon.  

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