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DIY Baker’s Twine Business Cards

Well, here’s my business cards for Alt Summit 2014.  There is pressure to have something unique and and memorable.  So, I decided to attach my name to something that crafty folks would actually keep and use.  Baker’s twine comes is a rainbow of colors.  I found these little spools at my local craft store.

I designed a simple 2″ logo for the front and added my name and site to the back and then printed them on sticker paper.  Then using a 2″ punch, I cut out all my stickers and attached them to the little spools of twine.  Totally simple, right? 

7 thoughts on “DIY Baker’s Twine Business Cards

  1. emily

    totally simple, but super memorable! hope you're having a great time! and, i love that it's something people aren't going to just throw away.

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