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Mid Century Chair Recovered

Remember my orange chair in need of some love?  Well, I finally look some time this week to recover the cushions.  
I had wanted to find some fabric with a little funk (like metallic gold polka dots), but no such luck.  So, I decided to go neutral and classic with grey linen.  
And it was a very inexpensive job.  I bought this fabric for $5 a yard at a wholesale fabric place.  I decided to reuse the old zippers and even the foam inserts.  I simply took apart the old cushion covers and then cut my pattern from them.  I did wrap the foam in some new batting to soften the edges.  So, in total, this little makeover cost me $10.  I’m feeling pretty good about that.  I can add funk (pattern and color) with pillows and maybe a throw.  

I’m liking this little corner in my bedroom even more now.  

10 thoughts on “Mid Century Chair Recovered

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