Thrifting Thursday – Copper and Brass Vase

Well, it’s really been a while since I hit a Thrift Store.  I guess Sweden was the last time.  With the holidays and then my trip to Salt Lake City, life has been really busy and kind of overwhelming.  But, really there is something so therapeutic about sifting through peoples “junk” and possibly finding a treasure for just pennies.

Olivia and I had to run to the hardware store and it’s right near my favorite Salvation Army, so we ran in and did a quick scan of the place.  And I came across this simple, slim copper and brass vase.  I loved the shape and the mixture of metals.  It cost me $2 and some change, not bad at all.  Our poppies are blooming and I knew the long slender stems of these happy flowers would look great in my new vase.

Have you been thrifting lately? Any good finds?  Actually, I kind of lied, I have been to the Thrift Store, but just to drop of clothing and household items that we really didn’t need. I’ve been on a purging binge lately. I feels good to get rid of things.  But, this little guy doesn’t take up much space and it’s brassy finish called my name. I want to join Design Sponge 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. If I give away a bunch of stuff, can I still thrift for fabulous treasures?

6 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday – Copper and Brass Vase

  1. Yvonne King

    Getting rid of stuff is the best. I'm currently reading the book Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure and he is a huge proponent of purging. I really need to get rid of some stuff before the new baby comes.

  2. J.E. Gaton

    Sweet find! I love thrifting. I just found six 60s vintage patterns at my local thrift store. I went in with $2 in quarters and was thrilled to come out with my goodie bag full of patterns.

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