February Monthly Memory Verse

It’s February, and it’s time for a new memory verse printable. Last month, I shared that I’m making a whole new set this year.  You can still download 2012’s set. But I’m going for a cleaner, hopefully more modern look for 2014. 
Love really is what it’s all about. I never regret loving. Love never makes me feel bad about myself or others. Love really does make everything better. Jesus knew what he was talking about when he made LOVE the greatest commandment (Matthew 22:37-38).
Sometimes love doesn’t come easily, especially when you have been hurt. But, if you can truly love, you will find healing, forgiveness and peace. I speak from experience. Hatred is an ugly thing and it brings turmoil to your life. Love brings rest and peace.   

Download your copy HERE.
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This is intended for personal use only.  

(Note: The text at the bottom of the image may print, but it is not within the 8 X10 measurement.  When you print, do not scale the image)