A Unique Light Fixture

Last week I shared an awesome source for colored light cord sets and accessories, Color Cord Company.  I finally ready to share my new, unique light fixture.  Because we have an old house, outlets and lighting are limited.  I’ve wanted some sort of wall mounted light over our couch in the living room for a while now.  We’ve tried floor lamps, but then the couch has to sit out even further from the wall, in an already tight space.  I love the idea of everything up off the floor for a cleaner, simpler look and feel.

I asked my youngest brother, Joash, to come up with something for my space.  I told him that I wanted a simple bracket of some sort to hang a light cord from.  He is very creative and industrious, so I knew I could trust him to come up with something one of a kind and unique.  He is building a lot of furniture right now that he makes from mostly found objects and materials.  I love this form of recycling.  You need to check out his brand new site, Coffee and Cigarettes.  He has amazing pieces of furniture and awesome photography as well (be sure to check out the Three Chair).  Our light fixture is made of some old copper pipe (which I’m loving copper accents), wood dowelling and some redwood pieces.  The really cool thing about Joash’s work is that he doesn’t use screws or nails, it’s all put together with wood dowel plugs.

I love how the copper and mint colors play so nicely together.  The new light fixture gives our space a fun, youthful feel.  I don’t want a stuffy, old lady home.  There something really fun about mixing classic pieces, like my new coffee table, with one of a kind quirky objects, like this light.  I like to think that it keeps my home design fresh and unexpected.  
So, what do you think?  I love this light, it’s really such a cool piece.

8 thoughts on “A Unique Light Fixture

  1. Amy W

    This is simply lovely. I am wanting to bring more copper into my home. Perfect using the mint cord, too!

    Amy @ Delineate Your Dwelling

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