Golden Straw Bunting

Buntings aren’t dead yet.  But, I’m trying something a little less country, shabby chic-ish, with this gold straw bunting.  It’s light and airy and almost feels like a piece of jewelry for your home.  This Christmas, when we were in Boise, ID, the Anthropology store had a fabulous display made with straws painted gold.  I’ve been wanting to make a scaled down version for my mantel ever since.  
This simple bunting is season-less and can coordinate with any home decor or party theme.  

1. You’ll need lots of paper straws.  For each triangle you’ll need to full length straws and one half length.  You’ll also need some heavy thread or twine and a large needle.

2. Start by threading the needle and thread through the small straw.

3. Pull a long length of the thread through the straw.

4. Put the thread the one of the full length straws.

5. Thread the needle and thread through the second full length straw.

6. Now thread the needle back through the short straw.  Pull tight so that the straws are tight against each other at the points.

7. Start again, threading on the short straw and continue with steps 2-6.

8. Using gold spray paint, paint the bunting in a well ventilated area.  You will need to turn the bunting over and rotate the straws a couple times to cover all sides of the straws.

8 thoughts on “Golden Straw Bunting

  1. Trisha D

    Admittedly I wasn't the biggest fan of bunting until I saw this beauty!! I have to agree that himmeli bunting is a pretty swell name too!

    Off to go pin! We’d love to see this project at our Outside [the Box] Link Party. The party is every Tuesday at 5PM EST.

  2. Jami Dianne

    I am thinking about using paper straws to make a sunburst mirror, but I was a little worried about the spray paint sticking, since they have a sheen from the stripes. Did you have any problems with this?

  3. Anonymous

    What brand and color of gold spray paint did you use? There are a lot of different ones out there.

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