Thrifting Thursday – Midcentury Credenza and Side Table

You guys I’m on a thrifting roll lately.  This week I had a doctors appointment and since I got out of the office in no time at all and I was kid free, I decided to run into Goodwill and check out the bunny situation and I hit the jack pot.  I always walk by the furniture and this time I found a gem.  This gorgeous solid walnut credenza in mint condition jumped right out at me.  And there was a matching side table as well.  I was nervous when anyone walked by and glanced at it.  I made sure to tell everyone that I was buying it.  Without even thinking a second about it, I paid for it and loaded into my truck.  On the way home I called my husband to explain.  I had no idea where it was going to go, but I HAD to have this, it was too gorgeous.  The store clerk said it had been on the floor less then 30 mins.  
Ok, are you ready for the best part?  I paid $69.99 for the 9 drawer credenza and $13.99 for the side table.  AMAZING, right? I still can’t believe it.  
On the way home I decided I’d put it in the living room and move the current piece to my bedroom.  I’ve been wanting more storage in our bedroom and this is a lot bigger piece then the tiny dresser that was in there.  

P.S. I’m so frustrated with my photography lately.  My camera is super old (7 years old) and I obviously lack skills to take shots of rooms.  The white balance is off and they are grainy and just yucky.  Please bare with me, my blog is a work in progress.

13 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday – Midcentury Credenza and Side Table

  1. Julia Fain

    Beautiful! (and I think your photography is good too.) I am frustrated with my camera too. I don't use a dslr but want to try once my kids are in school and I can learn how to use it properly. xo!

  2. Amy @ Homey Oh My!

    I have yet to get lucky thrifting. Stories like yours help keep me believing that someday I will lol! These are incredible finds. I too wouldn't have thought twice about it!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Wow! How exciting!!!!!! I love it when I find great deals. Such a lovely piece.
    Diane M.

  4. Yvonne King

    I am super jealous of your Goodwill find. I went this week and all I came home with was Hi Ho Cherry-O and Cootie Bugs. I also love your living room. Green is my fav home decor color these days. Don't worry about the photos. The gorgeousness that is your living room shines through 😉

  5. Anonymous

    looking back at your home tour and past posts the style of your house seems to have changed alot. You seem to really like the mid century look all of a sudden. what is your source of inspirations?

    1. Jeran Post author

      It's not really all of a sudden, I just don't buy a lot of furniture, so it takes time to collect what you like. I can't just go and buy it all from high end stores like West Elm. A lot of what I own is thrifted, found or handed down from Grandparents. So a lot of things I own serve a functional purpose, and are not really what I would choose if I had a choice. My new coffee table was definitely my first purchase in this midcentury direction. It's the first coffee table we've ever bought in 15 years of marriage. I've never been one for shabby chic or Tuscan/French looks, I've always loved clean lines, so maybe that's why I lean that way. It's very on trend right now as well.

  6. Candy Becker

    I am so jealous. Both pieces are beautiful. I'm here from Vintage Revivals. I'm so relieved to hear I'm not the only person that buys first and figures out where it'll go second.

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