Beaded Glass Bubbles

I’m really loving air plants.  I was scared that I’d kill them off quickly, but I’ve had my first one for almost 5 months now and he’s still lookin good and growing.  
I decided to give some simple glass bubbles a little color with wooden beads.  I painted a few beads in my new favorite color combo – kelly green, mint and peach, and then strung them on some natural twine.  It’s just a tiny splash of color so that these clear containers don’t get lost against a wall.  
Glass bubbles like these can be found at West Elms, and I picked these ones up at Homegoods for $5.99 each. 

This pair is going in my dining room (which may or may not have a dining room table and chairs anymore). I’m going to hang them above my built in buffet.  

I hope you are having a great weekend.  I’ve made it one week with out the hubby and son (they’re on their Indonesian adventure).  We miss them and it’s hard when you can’t even talk on the phone or text.  Hopefully tomorrow they will be back in civilization (aka wifi access).

5 thoughts on “Beaded Glass Bubbles

  1. Tan

    Very cute. I have a glass air plant hanger with tilly the air plant in it, but I just have it on the mantel as I don't know where to hang it. I think I need another. One hanging air plant just feels unbalanced

  2. Anonymous

    Hi I saw your daughters' room featured on Land of Nod today and I need to know the paint color. It's the perfect shade of pink for my daughter's room! Thank you, Megan

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