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Coral and Kelly Green Home Office – Furniture Fixes

Ok, here’s more of the Coral and Kelly Green Home Office.  These two pieces of furniture are what anchored my color scheme.  Both were well loved pieces that needed some TLC.  And yes, I spray painted both the chair and the desk to get this great look.  Although both of the desk and the chair were wood, I used my How to Paint Laminate Furniture technique to refinish both of these.  

Let’s start with the desk.  I found this beauty on Craigslist, but about a 2 hour drive away.  That didn’t stop me, Olivia and I hoped in the car and make the trek.  Some of you might be wondering we I would paint such beautiful wood desk.  Well, it was a struggle for me to make the decision.  I even considered just painting part of it and leaving the rest it’s natural wood.  But, the truth is, it was in pretty rough condition and I would have had to refinish it, so I decided to take the risk and paint it coral.  I’m so glad I did.  I love this desk.  It is sooo heavy and well made and has an amazing shape.  It is perfect for the space.


This is me trying to decide if the drawers could just be painted.  I decided that there wasn’t enough color contrast between the coral and the wood color for it to work.
I kept all the original hardware.  I love the little brass trim piece around the bottom of the dresser.

And I found the perfect chair at Homegoods for this little desk.  

The side chair I found in an antique mall.  I paid only $20 for this sturdy little school chair.  My client is a teacher and so I felt that this chair would be so appropriate.  It had a great shape, but is was rough.  I think everyone that had ever sat in it had carved their name into it.  But, with some good sanding, primer and a few coats of paint, this is one of my favorite things in the whole office.

See what I mean about the shape?  It’s such a good looking chair. 

I really enjoy giving furniture a whole new look.  And with spray paint, you can have results in just a day.  You’ve probably seen this color scheme appear on my blog a lot lately.  I can’t get enough of it.  

7 thoughts on “Coral and Kelly Green Home Office – Furniture Fixes

  1. keiko suzuki

    I thought the pink desk was purchased as it looks when I first saw it in your office photo. What a beautiful transformation! I love the color of the desk and the chair! Both wonderfully pop without intensity. So cute.

  2. Nessa

    I stumbled onto your blog via pinterest looking at coral desks. Such a small world but by the name of your blog you must live in my neighborhood. Anyways cute blog and love the furniture makeovers.

  3. Jahirul Islam

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