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Land of Nod Store Window and Event

Last week was slightly busy.  I had the privilege of getting to do two really fun things.  The first was I got to install a whole window display in the South Coast Plaza Land of Nod store!!!  Danielle, the Land of Nod’s fearless creative director, allowed me this huge opportunity.  I kept it simple and clean to let the colors and shapes play.  It’s really better in person, the twigs are constantly moving and rotating slowly. You guys, this was so much fun.  Creative freedom and a place to share it, can I do this everyday? Please….

Ummm, yep, that’s my little blog name in a Land of Nod store window.  Pretty crazy exciting.  

I pulled a couple Nod products from the store to finish off the space, a little Nod teepee (of course)  with a couple fabulous pillows and a neon pink squirrel.

Denali straightening a couple things for me.

The second fun project was that I hosted a Craft Event at the South Coast Plaza Nod store. Kiddos and their parents came and made their own versions of yarn art pieces.  It was a lot of fun.  It was nice to take the crafts out of the blog and into real life.  There was kids and yarn everywhere, fun chaos.

Olivia hard at work.
Dylan helping me out.
The window display will be up till September 8th, so if you are in the area, please check it out.  

10 thoughts on “Land of Nod Store Window and Event

  1. Sherry

    did you snap any pictures of the completed children's pictures? I am thinking it would be a great project with my grade one class. I just have to source dowels (are chopsticks too small?) and tons of wool. any suggestions are welcome 🙂

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