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Make Custom Temporary Tattoos with Makr

I’m not a good business women, I wish I was. But, I do think a GOOD, unforgettable business card is important, especially if you are trying to sell yourself as a creative person. It’s all about first impressions and something that folks won’t forget. Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to come up with some unique ways to introduce myself through my business cards.  This Summer I gave out Geometric Heart Cutout Business Cards, and last year I made Lavender Sachet Business Cards and Baker’s Twine Business Cards. But, my latest business card, might be the most fun.

With the new Makr App for the iphone, you can create custom temporary tattoos. How cool, right? I’ve had fun with the Makr App for the ipad, making custom book plates and art labels. But, now you can design and order totes, tattoos, and t-shirts right from your iphone (these are exclusive to the iphone version).

And if you are a creative person and want more folks to have access to your designs, the Makr Marketplace might be a perfect fit.

The possibilities are endless with all the great fonts, images and details already available on the app. You can start with an already made design and tweak it so it’s just perfectly yours, you can start from scratch and create your own design or logo using the Makr tools, or you can simple upload your own image (that’s what I did).

I simply uploaded a jpeg. of my geometric heart image (which has kind of become my logo or branding symbol) and then just adjusted the size and hit order! So easy. The arrived at my door in just a few days. I attached the tattoo to my business card with a shiny gold paper clip and slipped them into tiny vellum bags.

You’re going to want this app on your phone. It’s such a great tool for business owners or just creative folks who want to make really cool custom stuff for their parties and events.  

6 thoughts on “Make Custom Temporary Tattoos with Makr

  1. Deonna Wade

    Cool! I just got a new "heart" logo and would love that as a little temporary tattoo! Your business card ideas are great…I got one a few months ago for a blog conference I'm going to tomorrow and they are already outdated because I got a new logo so I'll be getting some new ones soon. I'm putting a tiny little heart paper clip bookmark on every card to make mine "stand out" a bit but I might just copy this tattoo idea in the future 🙂

  2. Marlene Sauer

    Jeran. I was JUST thinking last night as I fell asleep "I wonder if there's a way to make your own temporary tattoos." You clearly are a mind-reader, as well as a fabulous designer. Love this as a creative business card idea!

    1. Jeran Post author

      That's funny. You know I've been searching for a way to make tattoos for over a year, but everything I found required me ordering 500,000,000 of them. I was so excited with Makr gave this option. 75 to an order is much more doable.

      Thanks for always stopping by and leaving nice little notes of encouragement.

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