Small + Unique Chandeliers

I love our kitchen.  It’s big and efficient, but still stays true to the style and era of our 1920’s house. When we renovated the kitchen, we chose to keep the original breakfast nook.  The built-in benches and table are where we eat most of our meals.

After replacing the dining room chandelier, I knew the fixture over the breakfast nook needed to be updated. For years, I’ve overlooked lighting, thinking it was not a very notable part of design. But, now I think it is vital and is a huge opportunity for making a statement. You can set the vibe for a space with the lighting that is installed.

I’ve been searching for a unique fixture that is not too big, but would bring light and interest to one of our favorite spots in our home.  I’m obsessed with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.  I love there mix of period style lighting (turn of the century through 1940’s) and quirky unique pieces. As a vintage and thrift shopper I love their whole aesthetic. They mix patterns, textures and shapes to create spaces that feel loved and lived in.

Here’s 5 small + unique chandeliers that I think would look fabulous over my breakfast nook.

Is there one that appeals to you?  It’s all-of-the-above for me.  Which one do you think would look good in my kitchen? 

7 thoughts on “Small + Unique Chandeliers

  1. Anonymous

    For the size of your nook I like single pendant lights. I think the other ones are cool but would be a lot for such a little space. Maybe for a dining room? That geometric one is my favorite though!

  2. Anonymous

    In my opinion I like the Union light because it goes with your dining room chandelier a little more than the others I think with that beautiful antique black. The stripes are so fun and unique too! To many exposed bulbs if you went with the others and your dining lighting wouldn't be as special anymore.

    Jackie (found you through Julep!)

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