Thrifting Thursday – Shell Collection

Technically this is not thrifted, but instead saved from a thrift store.  My in laws recently were given a huge shell collection that was going to be donated to Goodwill if they didn’t take it.  You guys, this is crazy incredible.  In this tray alone are 200 tiny boxes holding precious sea shells collected from all over the world.  Each one is labeled with the name, location where it was found and the date. For example, one was labeled 1959, New Zealand. This is such huge treasure.  I wish I could have been along on all these shell hunting trips.
I’ve shared before that I grew up in Papua New Guinea.  My parents were missionaries.  I had an amazing childhood full of adventure and beautiful tropical surroundings.  We spent a lot of time at the beach and shell collecting was something I loved to do.  I have a pretty good collection myself of shells from around PNG.  But, I can’t even believe this collection.  My nerdy biology teacher hubby thinks he just won the lottery.  

I want to find a way to display this set of 200 boxes on my wall.  It’s hours of viewing pleasure. I think Martha Stewart would even be impressed with this collection.

Seriously cool, right?

1 thought on “Thrifting Thursday – Shell Collection

  1. emily

    what an amazing collection! i passed up a shell collection at a yard sale years ago that i have been regretting ever since. I can't wait to see this in your home!

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